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„Zwischen den Stühlen“ ("Between Two Stools"), Initiative Kunst Hennef - 2011

Stuhl gestaltet mit Stillleben in altmeisterlicher Technik von Charlotte Esch Stuhl gestaltet mit moderner Elektronik zum Internet von Charlotte Esch

As an artist you are always caught between two stools. One viewer finds a piece of art good, while another one may give a scathing assessment.
For this reason I have designed two chairs contrasting traditional and modern aspects.

For the first chair I painted a still life using the painting techniques of the old masters. This is a motif that has always existed.

Animierte Grafik des Stuhlobjekts von Charlotte Esch
For the second chair I opted for an electronic image. I used: The subject "WWW – Blessing and Curse to Mankind".
On the one hand, the Internet offers: On the other hand, there are several risks:
My husband developed the technical implementation of my artistic ideas.

The viewer, too, is caught between traditional and modern aspects, between two stools.

Charlotte Esch neben einem Aquarell Einladungskarte Herbst 2011

At the autumn exhibition 2011, I was one of the guests invited to show my water colors and to work on the subject "Between Two Stools". After experiencing the intense exchange with the other artists and the pleasant social atmosphere and interaction between visitors and artists, I decided to apply for a membership in the Initiative Kunst Hennef (IKH) in order to be able to participate and work in this group on a regular basis.

The supporting program of the autumn exhibition always adds a lot of variety and makes this week literally fly by.

Nude Study Workshop with Anne Schwarzat during the Alanus Summer Academy - 2011

Akt in Mischtechnik von Charlotte Esch
Yes! I studied with Anneagain in 2011!

The third class with Anne was also very inspirational for me. There is so much to learn and of course to repeat. I believe that practice makes perfect!
But we also had fun talking and laughing together.

Summer Academy at the Fachhochschule Ottersberg (university of applied arts) - 2011

Our instructor was Felix Eckard from Hamburg. His seminars were: "Colors for body and face" and "Strength, color and life".
In the morning we focused on nude figure drawing, in the afternoon we implemented these drawings in color. He allowed us a lot of time for mixing the colors; for painting he played some powerful music and we had to finish the painting while the music was running – sometimes he did extend the time by a few extra beats …

Felix Eckard umgeben von der Arbeiten der Teilnehmer Die Arbeiten von Charlotte Esch mit drei Teilnehmerinnen Charlotte Esch vor ihrem Arbeitsplatz

Lebens-Kunst-Markt - Das Fest der Sinne - 2011

Together with Antje, I presented my pictures in a tent next to the Bassi gallery. Despite the somewhat mixed weather, it was a very interesting experience. I would particularly like to mention the support of the city of Remagen for the local galleries and artist groups.

Charlotte Esch begrüßt Besucher Das Zelt neben der Galerie Der Marktplatz gegenüber