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My QR-Code – my finger print – my identity – 2013

A QR code is unique and unmistakable – like a personal finger print. You have to decide very carefully to who you want to provide your finger print, your personal data.
This year, the whole world learned what some people have been suspecting all along. Knowhow, the required prudence and the will for truth can help prevent obvious abuse.
Having the courage to defend oneself is a first step towards defending others.

To ensure that we live in a world in which people like Ai Weiwei, Snowden, Pussy-Riot, Nelson Mandela and many more who are persecuted and harrassed for ideological, political, religious or other reasons, show us what civil courage is. "Ordinary people" like us will not even come close to attaining the greatness of these exceptional people. People who risked their lives and health for their ideology and beliefs. However, we can improve our world just a little bit through our courage – each of us in his or her way.

Especially artists have the opportunity and duty to point out injustice and abuse, to reveal what is covered up and concealed.
To ensure that we live in a world in which people are not under surveillance – be it digital or non-digital. In a world in which peace and human rights are respected.
QR-Code der Webseite von Charlotte Esch

"Werkschau", Initiative Kunst Hennef - Autumn 2013

Einladungskarte der IKH

A look behind the scenes of the artists' studios. During the week of the exhibition, local and regional print media published a number of articles covering exhibits and artists.
Newspaper article Generalanzeiger Bonn.

Charlotte Esch währed des Presserundgangs vor ihren Werken Ruf doch mal an! Kontakt mit der Familie halten.

On Friday, the locations in Hennef were opened to the public. There were gigs by a very diverse band of musicians playing a wide variety of instruments. The exhibition attracted many visitors and met a very positive response.

Charlotte Esch bei der Eröffnung der Kunstpunkte. Gruppenbild mit Gästen bei den Kunstpunkten.

Man and his connection with the universe – that has been a theme of my work for years. After creating figurative representations of this theme in 2012, I moved on to more abstract works and had to deal with various and diverse questions.

Man searches for traces and clues, tries to recognize behavior patterns and characteristics within his family.
Is it heredity or upbringing?
Why are we the way we are and not different?
Why do we feel at ease with certain people, but not with others?
Why are some humans able to change, whereas others are not?
Man leaves traces beyond death.
Together with our ancestors, we form one giant DNA trace.

Dreidimensionale Holzmalkörper
This work represents Present – Past – Future.

I used wooden boxes of different heights in order to have a third dimension, enabling me to put even more emphasis on the time dimension.
Telephone: keep contact with your family, give them a call

As this was a "Work Exhibition", I also showed my sketchbook, a model drawing, wood working tools etc. on the floor under my exhibits, to demonstrate the basics required for creating my works.

"Hexenküche" (Witches' Kitchen) with Freya Junker - Alanus Summer Academy, Alfter - 2013

Mise en place - alle Zutaten stehen bereit Umrühren nicht vergessen - Chefköchin Freya Es ist angerichtet - wohl bekommts...

Often you meet very special people...

Franka am ihrem Arbeitstisch Sonja hinter Gläsern und Flaschen

After we had worked with coal, ash, sawdust, sand, oil, eggs and many other substances, the switch to clear colors was very important for me. Franka gave me her stains and I painted abstract pictures in a veritable ecstasy of color. This was like a liberation for me – clear strong colors – I could have embraced the skies.

Visiting Andreas Reichel in his studio in Alfter

Andreas Reichel in seinem Atelier in Alfter Andreas Reichel in seinem Atelier in Alfter

Experimental Portrait – Ulrich Behr – Alanus Summer Academy – 2013

Blindzeichen zu zweit... Ulrich Behr hinter dem Gemüseportrait

A major contribution to the final party was our group project: an experimental portrait made using fresh vegetables, cheese and bread.

Übungen zur Mimik in Gesichtern Werktisch von Charlotte Esch mit ihren Bilder

Seminar at arte fact, Instructur Amely Spötzel, Bonn – 2013

We were not only in the studio, but also at the Rhine river. We spent hours in the biting cold painting and drawing.
Am Rhein vom Winde verweht...

We created pictures in mixed-media technique using water color, Indian ink and Moorlauge.

Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier
Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier
Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier

„Verd®eckt“, Initiative Kunst Hennef - 2013

Bild in Mischtechnik auf Papier

When we look closely behind the façades, we discover concealed dirt and trash. We are surprised by the extremes, shocked by the unimaginable – ethics: a matter of opinion! Who has which perception of old-boy networks, wheeling and dealing and responsibility? Reality and truth – a question of the point of view!

Depending on the point of view, self-service, irresponsibility and deception are the order of the day. Ethical responsibility hides behind cowardice, profit and loss of face. Opening the boxes and books provides other insights. As to the moral of the story – often it does not exist.


The typical German living room – forgetting, keeping secret, ignoring, concealing and covering up. Armchair and table invite you to make yourself comfortable, time to read, time to think.

The Three Monkeys

What role did Bärbel Dieckmann, ex-mayor of Bonn, play in the WCCB scandal? She pretends to know nothing.
That's why I used a stage curtain and the three monkey: "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" – Stadthaus Bonn".
Das Kuckucksnest
Experiments on human subjects – the CIA used LSD and other mind-altering substances on non-consenting test subjects. This was an attempt of using chemistry and brain washing to manipulate people.
Ken Kesey, author of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest" also was a non-consenting test subject.
Menschenversuche: Kinder ohne Arme und Beine
Human experiments instead of animal experiments?

Based on a legislative proposal on drug testing submitted by the European Commission, new drugs could be tested on human subjects sooner.
What will be the effects on us and our descendants?
Are we heading towards another Contergan scandal?
Wasserrechte, Milchpulver, Kindersklaven

Milk powder
The baby milk scandal - Nestle had sales reps dressed up as nurses sell milk powder in Africa. Nestlé had used aggressive marketing of breast milk in developing countries. According to critics, in developing countries many children died as a result of contaminated water being used with the infant formula. Also, people in developing countries were not informed about benefits and risks of breast milk and breast milk substitutes.

Child slavery
Children work as slaves on African cocoa plantations

Nestlé buys water rights
Tuskegee-Studie in Alabama
Tuskegee study

It was a shocking human experiment:
Alabama – the public Centers for Disease Control withheld treatment from syphilitic Afro-Americans in order to study natural progression of untreated syphilis until painful death without interference.
Duration of study: 1932 - 1972

I have created more books and boxes on scandalous and inhumane behavior and events.